I Will Become A World Champion Public Speaker in Two Years or Less

I have always loved speaking in public.  Yes, I know, the average person fears speaking in public more so than death itself!  But that’s not me.  Never been me.  As long as I have something to say, I have always been able to find a way to connect with a crowd on an emotional and visceral level.

Why do I love to speak in public?  Because it gives me the chance to let my true personality – the positive, boisterous, motivational side of me – shine through.  Some people may think that I’m putting on a show (“Save the drama for your mama,” one person jokingly told me once), but that’s not true.  It’s who I am!  It’s what I’m great at.  And it’s what I absolutely love to do.  In fact, being a yoga instructor has afforded me the opportunity to really sharpen my public speaking skills when I teach my classes.

I am seeing the results: During one of my yoga classes this past weekend, I spoke of the importance of happiness in our lives.  Toward the end of class as the students were in a hip-opening series (Resting Half Pigeon), I began telling them that (a) Happiness is our birthright, (b) Everyone is entitled to be happy, and (c) We should all look for ways to find happiness in our lives, especially if it has alluded us for some time.  One student, a good friend of mine, told me some time later that my words literally moved him to tears.  This is what he posted on our yoga studio’s Facebook page:

Towards the end of class on Saturday morning with Dutch Martin and staring nose deep into the puddle of sweat while in pigeon pose, Dutch started talking about Happiness, doing what makes YOU happy…Because we all deserve happiness. Honesty, I broke down a lot because he is absolutely right. After going to a great church service this morning then talking with him… before yoga class, I learned about the concept of finding your “element.” [Referring to Ken Robinson’s book describing the place where our natural talent and personal passion intersect, the link to which is below.] I have many people to thank for helping me to grasp, understand and push me to pursuing my passion… I am close. Very close.

I am so glad that my friend is getting closer to finding his element.  Public speaking, communicating with people, connecting with people using the power of words: that is my element.

Since dialing into my element, I’ve done the following:

  1. Bought several books on public speaking off of Amazon.com.  (See my reading list below.)
  2. Joined a local Toastmasters International club and began diving into their educational programs on Competent Communication and Competent Leadership.
  3. I’m currently applying to a professional speaking program through the Washington, DC Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

As I’ve been reading and research on not only how to ultimately make a career as a public speaker, but how to turn it into a successful business (Think Les Brown, John C. Maxwell, Jim Rohn, and Anthony Robbins among other successful public speakers), I came across an event sponsored by Toastmasters International that has my antennae lighting up, and given me a goal to shoot for in the not-so-distant future.

World Championship of Public Speaking

Yes, there is actually a competition to determine a yearly World Champion Public Speaker! When I found out about this, I was absolutely pumped!  (The YouTube video above shows a portion of the winning speech given by this year’s champion, Darren Tay Wen Jie.)  This is how Toastmasters explains it on its website:

Each year, the Toastmasters International Convention culminates in the final round of the International Speech Contest, where the World Champion of Public Speaking® is chosen. In this exciting event, 10 contestants from all over the world deliver 5- to 7-minute speeches that are evaluated by a panel of experienced Toastmasters. After a year of competing in club, area, district and semifinal competitions, these contestants have advanced for the chance to win this prestigious accolade.

With that, I have set a goal for myself, and I declare it here in this blog post:


I have already laid out my plan by competing in every local, area and regional Toastmaster’s speech contest I can, and I’m scheduled to competing in two in September.  Now, I’m on fire.  The flame is burning.  The stage is set.  I envision myself walking on to the stage at the next Toastmaster’s annual convention, giving the 5-7-minute speech that is so riveting, enthralled, humorous, and moving, that the panel will have no other choice but to proclaim me at the Toastmasters International Public Speaking World Champion.

Let me say it again:


You read it hear first.


Published by: Black Crow

I'm a certified yoga instructor, avid reader, public speaker-in-training, devoted family man, lover of blues music, the harmonica - oh, and I have a foot fetish. I blog about all things, yoga, nutrition, healthy living, meditation, personal development, and harnessing the God-given power of our subconscious mind to change our lives. To sign up for yoga classes or to get more information about my yoga classes, email me at damartin1906@gmail.com.

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