My Yoga Journey Has Taken An Exciting New Twist

I have wonderful news to report.  I have recently accepted a new part-time position as Director of Events at the yoga studio where I practice, The Studio DC Yoga Center in Washington, DC


How did this new-found opportunity come about?  Well, a chance phone call from the owners of the studio put the wheels in motion.  Having perused my Facebook page and heard positive things about me from other members, instructors and staff, the owners asked me if I would be interested in applying for the position.  Extremely flattered, I discussed with my wife first, of course, who, knowing how much yoga has changed my life, encouraged me to accept their offer (as you married men out there know, you gotta run it by your better half). 

As the new Director of Events, I will be in charge of marketing and advertising for all Studio DC workshops, teacher training and other events throughout the year.

From the moment I set foot inside The Studio DC last October, I immediately felt at home.  The entire community welcomed me with open arms.  Soon after becoming a member, I applied for and was accepted into its work-trade program.  Now, I will be playing an even greater role in the growth and success of this studio, and am extremely thankful for the opportunity.

Published by: Black Crow

I'm a certified yoga instructor, avid reader, public speaker-in-training, devoted family man, lover of blues music, the harmonica - oh, and I have a foot fetish. I blog about all things, yoga, nutrition, healthy living, meditation, personal development, and harnessing the God-given power of our subconscious mind to change our lives. To sign up for yoga classes or to get more information about my yoga classes, email me at

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