Click Millionaires: The Blueprint for the Internet Entrepreneur

 Over the years I have been brainstorming long and hard about ways to build wealth and become a millionaire in my own right and on my own terms in the Information Age.  Although stories abound of how entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires and billionaires have used the Internet the amass their fortunes, I had never really given much thought to how I could harness the power of the Web to achieve millionaire status – let alone doing so by actually building a successful business around the things that I enjoy.  This all changed the moment I began reading Scott Fox’s ground-breaking book, Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More with an Internet Business You Love.

Fox, a former investment banker turned Internet entrepreneur and e-commerce expert, provides the perfect blueprint for how anyone can use the Internet to design a successful business around their own personal lifestyle, i.e. your particular hobbies and passions and interests, as well as your own life experiences. In reading Click Millionaires the reader will:

  1. Identify your top lifestyle goals and design an online business around them.
  2. Discover the principles behind the Click Millionaire lifestyle businesses and how you can use them to make money yourself, as well as become an expert in any field online.
  3. Read real-life stories of successful Internet entrepreneurs who exemplify what the Click Millionaire Lifestyle is all about, and how they did it. (For example, as a French-speaker myself, I was pleasantly surprised to read how blogger Kristin Espinasse, while living in France with her husband, was able to turn her love of French language and culture into a successful blog,, with paying sponsors and tens of thousands of subscribers!  Très très bien!)
  4. Learn how to pinpoint a profitable niche business model of your own that can turn your personal life experiences and interest into a money-making success.
  5. Learn ways to build websites and collect money from your new customers online quickly, easily and cheaply.
  6. Develop an action plan to create your own Click Millionaire Lifestyle Business System.

Point number four (4) is particularly important, for as Fox puts it chapter 19, “Today the riches are in niches.” He shows you why niche markets, interests and sub-cultures are veritable gold mines of opportunities to create successful lifestyle businesses that creatively serve the needs of niche audiences that share your interests.

Is this just another “get rich quick” scheme?  Absolutely not!  This is why Fox encourages the reader to start slowly, part-time, and spend as little money as possible.  What’s great about this book is that he shows you how starting an online lifestyle business is easier and cheaper than ever!  (You can build a website or start a blog for free using such platforms as WordPress and Blogger, for example, and registering a domain name can cost as little as $12.)

If you have ever wondered how you can harness the power of the Internet and take your hobbies, passions and interests to the next level, then Click Millionaires is the book for you.

Published by: Black Crow

I'm a certified yoga instructor, avid reader, public speaker-in-training, devoted family man, lover of blues music, the harmonica - oh, and I have a foot fetish. I blog about all things, yoga, nutrition, healthy living, meditation, personal development, and harnessing the God-given power of our subconscious mind to change our lives. To sign up for yoga classes or to get more information about my yoga classes, email me at

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